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Health Tests

Total tested dogs in database – 107. Of these:
HD (hips) – 41 dogs. ED (elbows) – 29 dogs. PL (patella) – 35 dogs.
PRA – 98 dogs (83 clear, 12 carrier, 3 affected).
CEA – 92 dogs (91 clear, 0 carrier, 1 affected).
HSF – 97 dogs (94 clear, 0 carrier, 3 affected).
DM – 90 dogs (82 clear, 7 carrier, 1 affected).
HUU – 66 dogs (60 clear, 5 carrier, 1 affected).
MDR – 95 dogs (83 clear, 9 carrier, 3 affected).

#Registered nameHD (hips)ED (elbows)PL (patella)PRACEAHSFDMHUUMDR
1.3L-Brightly Freckled Moon Spirit YueHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
2.Abington's Noir C'est NoirPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/-
3.Alta Dare To Be UnchainedPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
4.Alta Liquorice Candies Of Terra Del FalcoHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
5.Alta Little Red Baron Of Terra Del FalcoHD-BED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
6.Angel Silver SkyPL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
7.Arising Hurricane AlfheriPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
8.Away To Me Blazin' Red Lunar EclipseHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/-CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
9.Away To Me He's Got ChromePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
10.Away To Me Paven Roads To PerfectionHD-BED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
11.Away To Me Titan ToughPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
12.Bambina Life EnergyHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/-
13.Bar D 38 Special At Coyote CreekHD-APRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
14.Bar D Coyote Creek Utah GalHD-APL-0/0PRA -/-HSF -/-MDR -/-
15.Bar D KimberPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
16.Blue Elk N Linderland's Ace In The HolePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
17.Blue Elks Diggin Up BonesHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
18.Blue Elks For Status ImperialPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
19.Blue Elks Home Sweet HomePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
20.Blue Elks Sweet Toffee KattyvalPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
21.Brassy Acres Brooklyn At CoyoteCreekPRA -/-HSF -/-MDR -/-
22.Brassy Acres CC Tyler HenryHD-BPL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
23.Brassy Acres Dreaming Of DiamondsPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
24.Brassy Acres Heavenly Blue GenesPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/-
25.Brassy Acres Letter To Juliet @ TrialsendPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
26.Brassy Acres Small Town HeroPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/-HUU +/+MDR +/+
27.Brassy Acres This Little Light Of MinePRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
28.Brassy Acres Top GunPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
29.Cabalina's Cheyenne Stars Lil OutlawPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
30.Celebrity Ward's Black MagicPRA +/+HSF +/+MDR +/+
31.Clay Creek's American PieHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
32.Clay Creek's Rising Sun ArunCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pHUU +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
33.Cow Creeks Chloe At Diamond HPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/-
34.Coyote Creeks Blue FlameHD-APRA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
35.Coyote Creeks CalpurniaHD-APRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
36.Coyote Creeks ExcaliburHD-BPRA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
37.Coyote Creeks Korth 357 MagnumHD-APRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
38.Coyote Creeks MadelineHD-APRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
39.Coyote Creeks Red RacerPRA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
40.Coyote Creeks Wild CaprinaHD-APRA -/-CEA -/-HSF -/-DM -/-HUU -/-MDR -/-
41.Demi's Regal LinesPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/-
42.Desert Sun's Packin' HeatPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
43.Diamond H Deep Midnight Blue CypherHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
44.Diamond H Taking ChargePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
45.Dynasty's Stars And StripesPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/-HUU +/+MDR +/+
46.Energie's Gingery Status ImperialPL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/-MDR +/+
47.Energie's RendiePL-0/0PRA +/-CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
48.Female Red Tri 1 ... Terra Del FalcoPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
49.Flying Hearts Crystal WaterPL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
50.Four Oaks Fiesta At Diamond HPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
51.Ghost Eye's Flying To A Fiery DreamHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
52.Gordonview Mega OpportunityHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
53.Gurab Blacky The Wise CrowPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/p
54.HagridHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
55.Hammers Blue ConfettiPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
56.Heartland CC Tyler RebaHD-BPRA +/+HSF +/+MDR +/+
57.Hello Miss Ketty At MayerlingPRA +/+CEA +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
58.HermineHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/-MDR +/+
59.IceHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/-CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
60.Ivie Farms Shes StellarHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
61.Korolevstvo Gornih Psov Arizona AlexaPRA +/-CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/-
62.Kuba LibreHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
63.Legacy Ridge Strik'N Blacklit NightshadeHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
64.Linderland's Turn The PaigePRA +/-
65.Lindsey's Mixed EmotionsPRA +/+CEA +/+DM +/+HUU +/+
66.Lost Island's Roy 'Arsenal' HarperHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/-MDR +/+
67.Marvelmas Story TimeCEA +/+ b/p
68.Mill-Brook KanoaHD-B
69.Mockingbirds Bluebell Hollows Moody BluesHD-AED-0PRA +/+HSF +/+MDR +/+
70.Mockingbirds Cat BurglerPL-0/0
71.Moonbaby's Live Laugh LoveHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+
72.MoonBaby's Percy Cofi CapitoHD-BED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
73.Moonbaby's Red Fox TolugoHD-AED-0PL-0/0
74.Moonbaby's Red Treasure For TolugoHD-AED-0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+MDR +/+
75.Moonbaby's Wolf WhistleHD-BED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/-
76.NemoHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
77.Night Trains Nash At Clay CreekPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/-HUU +/+MDR +/+
78.Night Trains Riding The Storm OutPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/-HUU +/+MDR +/+
79.One Love De L’Univers D’EvineHD-AED-0
80.Peaceful Acres Talk About FlashHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
81.Picasso's This Red Is On FirePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
82.Pocket's Full Of CashPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
83.Princesse-de-Siberie Des Romarins De MayerlingPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
84.Raison Du Pic d'EspadePRA +/+CEA +/+DM +/-HUU +/+MDR +/-
85.Rocking J Top GunPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
86.Salish' Ror Country BluebellesHD-APRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
87.Shyrox Itty Bitty Tootsie Pop Of Super CPRA +/-CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
88.Silver Dream Mini's Arising Hurricane KiwiHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
89.Silver Dream Mini's Do You Believe In MagicPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/p
90.Silver Dream Mini's French LoverPRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/p
91.Southern Star Dot ComCEA +/+DM +/+
92.Southern Star Me Myself N EyePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
93.Southern Star See Me ShinePRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
94.Stampede's Little MoonbugPRA +/-HSF +/+DM +/+MDR +/+
95.Status Imperial Ace Of SpadesPL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/-MDR +/+ b/p
96.Status Imperial Agate Blue LaceCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
97.Status Imperial All I NeedPRA +/-CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+MDR +/+ b/p
98.Status Imperial Apricot FlipPRA +/-CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+MDR +/+ b/p
99.Status Imperial Aria Of FlamePRA +/+CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/-MDR +/+ b/p
100.Status Imperial Art Of WinningPRA +/-CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/-MDR +/+ b/p
101.Status Imperial Azure TalismanPRA +/+CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+MDR +/+ b/p
102.Tanasi's Crimson LightPRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
103.Trails Ends Charmed PrudencePRA +/-CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/-MDR +/+
104.Trails Ends Guardian Of The GalaxyHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/-
105.Trails Ends Remember MePRA +/-CEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+MDR +/+ b/p
106.Trails Ends TatemPL-0/0PRA +/+ b/pCEA +/+ b/pHSF +/+ b/pDM +/+ b/pHUU +/+ b/pMDR +/+ b/p
107.Windy Plains Blackjack Double DownHD-AED-0PL-0/0PRA +/+CEA +/+HSF +/+DM +/+HUU +/+MDR +/+
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