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Miniature American Shepherd world database

Miniature American Shepherd world database

Here you can add kennels, register dogs in world database, upload photos and health tests, generate a pedigree, buy and sell the puppies or adult dogs, find dogs used advanced search, suggest a male for breeding, share results and photos from dog shows, talk on forum or use any other functions of the portal. Registration on is open to all comers, it is absolutely free and does not require much time.

Latest Shows

Dog Show CAC 1st Group – Russia, Nerekhta (Kostroma)
2 dogs
15 May 2022
Russia, Nerekhta (Kostroma)
Judges: Solov'yova Irina
Skara Nordic Dog Show – Sweden, Lidköping (Västra Götaland)
1 dog
8 May 2022, «Skara Nordic Dog Show»
Sweden, Lidköping (Västra Götaland)
Judges: Maritha Östlund-Holmsten
Treada – Russia, Saint Petersburg (Leningrad)
2 dogs
8 May 2022, «Treada»
Russia, Saint Petersburg (Leningrad)
Judges: Bogdanova Zoya Mikhaylovna

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last added
Picasso Blue Of Hazelwood male, d.o.b. –
Picasso Blue Of Hazelwood
(Crackerjack Of Hazelwood x Regal Vanda Berr...
Crackerjack Of Hazelwood male, d.o.b. –
Crackerjack Of Hazelwood
(C Beauregard x Crystal Spring Of Hazelwood)
C Beauregard male, d.o.b. –
C Beauregard
(no data x no data)
Truelucs Impressive Kid male, d.o.b. –
Truelucs Impressive Kid
(Red Banks Paradise Of Trueluc x TrueLucs To...


last edited
Collins Tarragon Spice female, d.o.b. –
Collins Tarragon Spice
(Harper's Old Smokey x Heards Blue Spice Of ...
Gracianos Patches male, d.o.b. –
Gracianos Patches
(Stangel Joker x Hubare Lady St Claire)
King's K.Troy male, d.o.b. 15.11.1969
King's K.Troy
(Bunns Gomez x Kings Punkin Head)
Sorensens Red Man male, d.o.b. 1970
Sorensens Red Man
(Bruce's Blue x Bruce's Blue Susie)

Stud males

last added
Colors Of Joy Koa
1000 €
male, d.o.b. 15.01.2020
Colors Of Joy Koa
(Midwest Dark At Kentshome x Little G Aussie...
Brassy Acres Hey Good Lookin
1500 €
male, d.o.b. 12.12.2018
Brassy Acres Hey Good Lookin
(Brassy Acres Small Town Hero x Brassy Acres...
Silver Dream Mini's All Star
2000 €
male, d.o.b. 25.02.2018
Silver Dream Mini's All Star
(Moonbaby's Kirk Of Silver Dream x Moonbaby'...
Moonbaby's Padam Padam
1500 €
male, d.o.b. 04.11.2019
Moonbaby's Padam Padam
(Moonbaby's Highly Suspect x Moonbaby's Foll...

Dogs for sale

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