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About our site
World portal mas.db.dog is a global modern web project for Miniature American Shepherd (MAS) owners and breeders. Our resource is really unique - it has a number of features not found in other databases. All functions of the portal are absolutely free and available to any registered user.

We offer you comfortable and modern functions: generation pedigree, add an unlimited number of photos, loading health tests and an automatic tool for determining the status of "clear by parents", advanced search, dogs for sale, male for mating, champions, show results and more.

For your attention

Portal mas.db.dog - open a web project. This means that the site is created by the users themselves - Mini American Shepherd breeders and owners, which are free to add and edit any information any dogs. Portal is developing dynamically thanks to the active participation of breeders and owners.

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Our project was launched in 2019. For such a short time we have achieved a stable attendance - not less than 5,000 visitors a month. In our database there are more than 1,000 dogs, almost 100 kennels. The site has thousands of pages and more than 5,000 photos and images.

Every day the site adds fresh information, new kennels, new dogs and new litters, results and photos from the dog shows. We are constantly working on improving the site and adding new features that will be useful to breeders and owners.

This is a godsend for fans of the breed: our web-site has all the information that may be useful as a serious breeder and owner novice Miniature American Shepherd. We sincerely hope that this resource will be interesting to all fans of the breed Miniature American Shepherd. Join us!
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